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Landscape and Nursery Tips from Eden Nursery in Clearwater, FL


The simplest reasons for the use of pottery is that it brings us color, form and style, enhancing our homes, landscapes, patios, pool decks and our driveways. Pottery provides us the opportunity to grow beautiful flowering plants, fruit trees, and even small palms in areas where they may not have been accommodated. A beautiful Ceramic Vase gives our Spring Annuals elevation and statue, combining the color of the bloom with the color and style of the pottery. A set of 3 or more pieces of Glazed Ceramic Pottery together forms its own landscape arrangement, often accomplishing a stunning finished product above the ground.

With Pottery, we can produce beautiful “Water Features,” landscape art, vegetable and herb gardens, or add that necessary “Hardscape” piece for a unique landscape arrangement. With good potting soil and a micro-irrigation system, we find that our homeowners are more successful in growing beautiful landscape material, with the advantage of containing the size of the plants and shrubs, thus keeping its maintenance to a minimum. Larger pottery pieces or groupings are a good candidate for landscape lighting.



Eden Nursery is a direct importer of Asian Pottery. Although the largest percentage of our inventory represents pottery from Vietnam, we also stock and retail pottery from China, Malaysia, Mexico, Spain and Italy. Asian Pottery is handcrafted with exceptionally strong and durable clay, the weight of which offers security in our worst thunderstorms, and windy conditions. The construction of Asian Potter is excellent for our harsh Florida sunshine and humidity, and is often purchased by our northern customers, where they standup to frost and extremely cold conditions.

We strive to order and stock a wide selection of shapes, sizes, and colors in our pottery inventory, often in sets of 3 and 4, ascending in size. Ordering sixty or more pallets each year, or approximately 2,000 pieces, Eden Nursery is the best stocked supplier of glazed ceramic pottery in the bay area. We are constantly introducing new styles and colors, while reordering some of the more popular pieces and colors.

The glazed finish on our pottery protects the clay from our wet Florida summers, while providing colors which are often absent from Florida plants, shrubs and blooms. All of our containers are predrilled for drainage, which allow for immediate use. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding our pottery.


Talavera is the term used to describe faithful reproductions of the china and pottery that is made in the Spanish Village of Talavera de la Reina. Within Mexico, this style dates back to the 16th. century colonial era when it was introduced to Mexico by Spanish artisans. The city of Puebla is the home of “Authentic Mexican Talavera.” The colors and designs of authentic Talavera Pottery are vibrant and intricate, and are hand painted. Unfortunately, too often collectors are fooled by imitations and knockoffs. Talavera pottery are available in multiple colors and designs and are perfect for patios, small gardens, and areas throughout the home. Talavera, strong durable clay pottery, offers more in the line of garden art than Asian Pottery, but are limited in size and weight.


Brilliant Yellows, Blues & Reds are the main colors of this hand painted pottery line from Spain. Flowers of Spain & Italy are obvious throughout their design, along with the noticeable feel of the hand painted exterior. Great for tables, window boxes, and patios, Spanish Pottery weathers well in Florida's climate, and brings color to the garden or the kitchen. Spanish Pottery is a great gift idea, which will accommodate colorful flowers at a reasonable price.