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Landscape and Nursery Tips from Eden Nursery in Clearwater, FL

It is time

After a long wet Florida summer our landscapes need some serious attention. Pinellas County's Fertilizer Ordinance has ended for 2015. Homeowners should start applying a good slow-release fertilizer to all shrubs, palms and trees. Remember, it is not just about the three big numbers on the fertilizer package, but equally about the “Minor” or “Trace Elements” which we desperately need to supplement our Florida soils. Stop by our nursery, we will happy to answer all your questions.

Pruning should be coordinated with fertilization. It is a perfect time to reduce all the bushes and shrubs, and lift those lower branches of Oak trees, and remove those yellow and brown fronds from your palms. Our heavy Florida rain accelerated the growth of our landscape, leaving us with that “Overgrown” look. And yes, there is sufficient time for the expected new growth to “harden-off” before winter.

All this rain has brought us outbreaks of fungi for our plant foliage, and more seriously, our soils. There are many products at your disposal to combat these problems, if you know that there is a problem. We welcome your questions and your plant samples at our Nursery.

Let's not forget new plantings. It is definitely cooler and easier to garden. Please visit us for gardening products or just for advice.

OUR NEW SHIPMENT OF GLAZED CERAMIC POTTERY WILL BE HERE SOON. THIS WILL BE OUR LARGEST SHIPMENT EVER. We offer a discount when purchasing several pieces of pottery on one visit.